Dollhouse Is Dead

So says James Hibberd at The Hollywood Reporter.  I think you all know that I have complex feelings at the show, which started off puzzlingly, and got stronger, largely because I think Joss Whedon’s concepts for the show were relatively strong, even if the execution never quite matched the intentions.  I thought Eliza Dushku’s range was something of a problem, but for me, Tamoh Penikett, who I’ve never liked much, was a more significant weak link.  Harry Lennix and Olivia Williams were, as usual, absolutely solid, and Williams’ case, sometimes extraordinary.  Perhaps my biggest regret is that this is yet another cancelled show for Fran Kranz, whose performance grew tremendously through Dollhouse‘s run (disclaimer: Kranz and I have some college friends in common, which is one reason I’ve always rooted for him, but I do think he did an excellent job of moving Topher beyond a Warren Mears impersonation).  I think the second season might have been stronger had Amy Acker been able to stick around for more of it.  And if Enver Gjokaj doesn’t get more work out of his really stunningly good run as Victor, there is no justice in this world.

I’m sorry Dollhouse is dead.  But I’m not sure its cancellation warrants the same outrage as the premature plug-pulling on Firefly, which was remarkable from its first episode.  I just hope this opens up some space for Whedon and company to move on to other strong–and perhaps stronger–projects.