This Is Not How To Manage Your Career

I’ve written before that I get frustrated with Amy Adams sometimes.  Movies like this are precisely why:

How charming, right?  A woman who declares: “I am not going to die without getting engaged!”  A world where a woman needs an obscure Irish holiday to propose to the man she wants to marry, and the guy she’s clearly meant to fall for ridicules her for thinking to do it!  Ethnic stereotypes of the Irish as drunks!  A plot where two characters realize they’re just meant for each other because people goad them into smooching!  And semi-cheating that’s condoned because of course the guy Amy Adams is with isn’t actually her soul mate, so of course it’s okay!

I liked Enchanted so much not because Amy Adams was cute and fluffy in it, but because the whole move is about the power of persistent delusion.  She was unsettling, in addition to being adorable, and that’s what made the whole performance work.  This is just bland.  Matthew Goode is at least playing Colin Firth’s lover in A Single Man (even if the trailers downplay the gay), so he’s doing something with his talent to redeem him for this.  Adams, on the other hand, is On Notice.