Heavenly Creature

Renee Russo by Peter-Duke.
Image used under a Creative Commons license courtesy Peter-Duke.

I’ve loved Renee Russo since seeing her in the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair, the movie that, when I snuck into it at 14 convinced me that sex looked like a lot of fun, that being an insurance investigator could be an incredibly alluring job, and gave me a permanent crush on Dennis Leary (probably I am the only person who took that particular lesson from that particular movie, but then, I’ve never claimed to be normal).  And of course, seeing her in Get Shorty helped quite a bit as well.  So I was somewhat delighted to learn that she’s been cast as the titular god’s stepmother in Kenneth Branagh’s Thor adaptation.  I’ve always been mystified by how little Russo’s worked; in the 21 years since she made her first movie, she’s been in just 21 films, most of them clustered in the mid-90’s.  But she’s a siren, and I’m glad Branagh, who is wonderful at casting people, is giving her something to do.