Just When You Thought I Couldn’t Get Any Nerdier…

I’ve got to tell you, I’m pretty excited for Creation, the upcoming biopic of Charles Darwin, starring real-life marrieds Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly as the naturalist and his wife.  I’ve always thought Bettany was a bit underrated, particularly given how wonderful he was in A Beautiful Mind.  That said, I think it’s totally insane that the film’s being sold with this trailer:

I mean, I love me a good theological dispute (absolutely no sarcasm intended).  But for serious, Darwin traveled around the world on a fairly astonishing exploratory voyage that radically changed his thinking.  So why is the second voyage of the HMS Beagle not even alluded to by name in the trailer, and shown only in momentary snippets?  Surely the market for Darwin nerds on its own must be fairly small.  The voyage of the Beagle seems like a much stronger selling point.