Well, Sam Mendes Directing a Bond Movie Isn’t The Worst Idea I’ve Ever Heard Of…

Tommy Gun by Batbob.
Image used under a Creative Commons license courtesy of Batbob.

But it’s also definitely not the best.  I’ll admit to liking the somewhat more contemplative and vulnerable Bond in Casino Royale, but I think Mendes’ record is a step beyond that into the realm of Deeply Shaded Emotion.  With one exception, of course.  I always forget that Mendes directed the harsh and lovely Road to Perdition, which one of my friends wisely put on his top-five list of comic book movie adaptations from the aughts.  If Mendes can use Paul Newman that well, if he can make Tom Hanks, and goodness, Jude Law of all people, frightening, he can make a Bond movie.  And given what a silly misfire Quantum of Solace was, perhaps Mendes could provide a good course correction for a reset of the franchise that had such promising beginnings.  And perhaps the vigor of the Bond franchise could set Mendes off on a more promising course himself.