Boulevard of Broken Songs

So, I haven’t listened to Green Day in a while, y’all.  But after their sort of weird, off-sounding Grammy performance of “21 Guns” with the cast of their Broadway show American Idiot, I figured I’d check out the song to see if sounded any better in a studio recording.  The verdict, not so much, and the video’s dopey, too:

Maybe I’ve just gotten old, cranky, and establishmentarianism, but I don’t know that putting a guy and girl in a room, shooting the hell out of it, and having her brave her fear of getting shot to pieces to go smooch him out of his funk says a single thing about alienation in America today, political or otherwise.  I’m not unsympathetic to the vagueness and posturing that’s accompanied Green Day’s more recent work: “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” was on my mope rotation for a while in college.  But the generic questions here just aren’t remotely doing it for me.