Come Together

I was pretty freaked out when Archie proposed to Veronica last spring (thank goodness for speculative fiction, even in the World of Archie), but, courtesy Racialicious, I am a huge fan of this particular plot development:


 Michael Chabon isn’t, of course, wrong when he writes in The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay that the rivalry between Betty and Veronica has an enduring power that’s the core of the comics.  In fact, it’s probably correct at this point to say that ““the deep, almost Oriental mystery of the two big-toothed, wasp-waisted goddess-girls, light and dark, entangled forever in the enmity of their friendship,” is much more about Betty and Veronica than it is about Archie.  And so I’ve never had problems with Archie dating outside the triangle. 

And I’m much more excited by the prospect of Archie dating Valerie, and not just for the progressive (and long overdue) racial implications.  The Archie universe is often at its most fun when it crosses cliques, when Archie hangs out with Sabrina, or the Archies and the Pussycats play a show together.  One of Riverdale’s huge strengths is that while it’s an avatar of suburban American normality, it’s a also a slightly surreal place, where Dilton Doiley can bust scientific frontiers (and speaking of great Archie romances, bring back Danni Malloy, Dilton’s one-time redheaded, science-genius girlfriend!), magic is entirely possible, and long before Hannah Montana, teenage girls could be rockstars and also completely normal.