Valentine’s Day

Mine came a couple of days early, helping a friend figure out what to cook his fiancee for a special dinner.  Love is a many-splendored thing, y’all, and this year, mine is for the friends who have come into my life recently and brightened it up  But for those of you looking for romantic inspiration, this is actually much more charming than it needed to be:

Serious points for including The General and Posession in there.  And man, that fantastic declaration of love from Much Ado About Nothing: “I do love nothing in the world so much as you.  Is not that strange?”  That, and “I love you.” “I know.” from Empire Strikes Back may be my two favorite confessions of all time.  They work, because the people involved are themselves surprised at what they’re saying.  It’s grown inside them long before they were aware of it or gave it a name.  And I tend to think that’s how love really is, at its best.