Kurt & Courtney

I’m not, in principal, opposed to a Kurt Cobain biopic of the straight up, non-Gus Van Sant-does Last Days variety.  I just have no idea who the hell you cast in it.  Michael Pitt’s not a bad choice, but he’s got a bit of a malevolent gleam in his eyes, there’s an edge there that’s just a little bit too hard for the guy who performed this:

“He’s a certified honorary punk rocker.  But he likes Queen better.”  So sweet, and funny.  And even worse, who the hell do they cast to play Courtney?  I recognize that Courtney Love’s descent into the crazy has been destructive, upsetting, and bad for her daughter, but the contemporary bashing of her by Axl Rose, among others, was vicious and undeserved.  She’s not simply a virago.  She was a very talented musician, and I think they really loved each other.  I hope the script demonstrates that, and that they can find an actress who can carry it off.