Serena, la bella. Chile. Iglesia Santo Domingo. by Bracani....Antonio.

Image used under a Creative Commons license, courtesy Brancani….Antonio.

Unlike Haiti, where I have no particular knowledge, insight, or right to speak, I’ve spent some time in Chile, and my family has developed some strong ties with folks down there.  I’m waiting to hear back to make sure that everyone is okay.  I’m wondering what happened to the ELEMENTAL public housing project in Renca, which was a neighborhood made out of shipping pallets and the occasional permanent building on contaminated land when I visited there in 2004.  It sounds like Santiago is functional, but there’s been severe damage to major buildings and highways.  I hope the Central Market and the train station are safe.  And I wonder what’s happened to La Serena, the provincial capital my father I flew to before driving up into the Andes to visit a major astronomical observatory, and to the telescopes and astronomers there.  I’m still doing some research, but once I figure out the best ways to donate, I’ll try to make some suggestions here.