Cults and Charmers

I have a really hard time conceiving of what Paul Thomas Anderson’s movie about the Church of Scientology, which apparently is going to have a $35 million budget, and star Jeremy Renner, will look like.  But I really do hope they film around the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, DC, so I can sigh over the latter, and for once, not feel nervous when I walk past the building.  DC is a strange town, but the fact that Scientology was born here and maintains a presence in a town where at least the pretense of religious orthodoxy is a must for many people, is one of the stranger anomalies in it.  But all of that aside, I’d like to see what Renner does in the movie, and how far his charisma and mutability can go, especially with another rigorous director, and another extremely complex subject.