Am I Mad?

If I profess an affection for Rupert Grint?  I’ve found his somewhat-awkward-looking adolescence and maturing quite charming in comparison to the intensely-manicured rollouts Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe have had. And I sort of appreciate that he’s actually landed more acting work than either one of them (though Watson is in college, and pursuing fashion quite seriously) since the Harry Potter movie franchise launched, despite the fact that he’s sort of treated like Ron Weasley in the media, the lesser third of the trio.  Among the projects he’s got coming out are the delightfully, particularly British-looking Wild Target:

I would have seen this in any case simply for Bill Nighy, who is a demi-God among imperious comedians and Emily Blunt, who seems like an enormous amount of fun.  But I like Martin Freeman, too, and the idea of Martin Freeman as an assassin even better.  I like the idea of Rupert Everett not using his talent in the service of junk.  And I really like the idea of Grint playing a character who gets some mentoring and attention.  I like the idea of Nighy giving him a shaping-up in real life, too.  Grint is more rubber-faced than Nighy is, and certainly hasn’t grown into the older man’s way of wearing a suit yet.  But I can definitely see Nighy teaching him something about walking the line between hilarity and dead seriousness.