Into the Woods

I’m not really sure why folks are upset/objecting to the idea of making a Snow White action movie, except for the fact that Brett Ratner is making it. Which, obviously, ugh. But I do think the Disneyfication of fairy tales has stripped them of some of their original power, drawn from horror rather than sweetness. Action movies may not be the way back into that heritage, although given the numbing and pornographic state of horror movies today, it’s more valid than some of the possible alternatives. I’m interested in how projects like this, and the Amanda Seyfried Red Riding Hood will treat their female main characters (I’m reluctant to call them heroines, since I don’t know if they will be). Will they be victims? Plucky girls who charm their ways out of bad situations? Tough women who sew their enemies stomachs full of stones–or like the Joker, bombs? Updated and prettified Linda Hamiltons in worlds where technology is augmented by magic?