For the love of bad movies: Burlesque

Guilty pleasure films are usually those films I watch more than once–sure, I’m a nerd who loves dreamlike visuals and knotty plots, but sometimes big and gaudy work best. Which is why I am dying to see Burlesque.

I was too young to appreciate Showgirls when it was released, but it’s become a favorite–it’s bad in the best ways possible. So far, Burlesque  seems to be an update of Showgirls–sure, Burlesque is the same “small town girl goes to LA to make it big and ends up on stage naked” story. But this story has echoes of Cabaret, Cher in a bustier, and “Lady Marmalade”-ish Christina Aguilera, wearing slightly less makeup than she does in real life. I only wonder if Aguilera will prove to be a graduate from the Beyonce School of Theatre, covering up her anemic acting talent with bullhorn vocals. And it doesn’t even matter much if she can act–she’s got Cher to emote for the both of them.

I can’t wait to see the dance numbers from this film recreated by YouTubers. You know it’s going to happen.