Another Thing I Liked About Scott Pilgrim

Is that it reinforced a feeling I’ve had for a while that Brandon Routh should go the James Marsden route, and seek out fun, meaty, slightly wacky supporting roles. He was totally fine in Superman Returns (where Marsden has a nice supporting turn), but he’s much more memorable as a shy gay porn star in Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and playing a nice foil to a rather outre Justin Long:

And he’s really quite, quite good as Todd, Ramona’s empty-headed vegan ex-boyfriend in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (see around 1:30 for the shiny levitation):

Guys that good-looking often don’t have to be funny. But just like someone like Anna Faris would probably never work if she was just another blonde, I can imagine that a dude like Routh might want a skill set that lets him play off his stunning physical assets, rather than getting trapped by them. In acting, as in life, the idea of being Jon Hamm’s 30 Rock character is actually pretty terrifying.