I’m Not a Gamer

But this post of Ta-Nehisi’s on Medal of Honor is well worth reading. I’ve always thought that part of the appeal of first-person shooters, certainly, and other games that involve fighting and adventurism, was the chance to feel more physically or societally powerful, but also more responsible, than one does in real life. Likewise, I found the Sims an extremely useful experiment in what it would be like to be an adult when I played for a while towards the end of college—I actually think the game played an interesting role in helping me figure out things I was and wasn’t ready for. I like the idea of turning games towards other thought games. It doesn’t particularly matter if they’re societally useful (at least to me). But it can’t hurt if they are.

On that note, have a great weekend, everybody. And get rockin’ on Perdido Street Station.