Girls With Wings

Girls Gone Avian seems to be a theme this fall. First, we got the trailer for The Black Swan, which I think accurately communicates how completely and utterly horrifying it would be to start growing wings:

Next up? The decidedly less impressive-looking Passion Play, because there’s nothing creepy about Mickey Rourke going to see Megan Fox at a peep show and falling in love with her, right?

I do think it’s fascinating that in both of these movies, wings stand for something other than flight, or freedom. In the case of The Black Swan, they’re a manifestation—or if they aren’t actually real, though it sure looks like they are—of madness. In Passion Play, I’m guessing on limited information that they stand for purity. There’s something odd, and more than a little regressive, about this vestigality. What’s happened to soaring?