Wish List

So, today just happens to be my birthday. And because I have been very good, and very productive this year, these are the things I would like from the entertainment industry:

-A really good, well-written She-Hulk movie, directed by Kasi Lemons. Possibly starring Gabrielle Union, because what the hell, and I love her, and she’s statuesque, fun, and can also be tart and cranky.

-Another cop show for Amber Tamblyn to star in. Preferably a slightly weird one.

-For Sarah Michelle Gellar to find a way out of mediocre horror movies and back into something interesting and substantive.

-For John Simm to land a significant and interesting American television role on a show that will be commercially and artistically successful, and thus not quickly cancelled.

-A movie version of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay that omits the Antarctica section.

-For Lil’ Mama and the Vistoso Bosses to team up and become the sweetest super-group of all time.