Not All Players Are Equal

I get why CBS and other networks might want to use Hulu as a portal to their own web-based video players. It makes sense to snag viewers who want to go to one site for all of their streaming entertainment, but to get them to a place where CBS presumably gets all the revenue from online advertising (even if there are costs associated with doing the work themselves). Except, CBS’s video player is pretty seriously unreliable. It freezes up. It refuses to play video on the grounds that I’ve got some ad blocker installed on my browser (I don’t) and has the same problem when I switch to another browser. I know this is the internet and streaming video’s still a relatively new technological proposition. But man, no matter how much I like Hawaii Five-0, and I like it tremendously, the glitches are enough for me to want to wait and finish out the first season on Netflix. There’s a definite viewer advantage to streaming these things through companies that just care about content delivery, and so have bothered to get it right.