Book Club Part II: Let’s Get Started

Alright folks, Cryptonomicon it is. And as a side note, can I say how glad I am so many folks came out of the woodwork to vote on this one? It’s nice to meet you all!

Programming notes:

1) Next week is Thanksgiving, and the week after that, I’m moving because I did a terrifying and grown-up thing and bought an apartment. So how ’bout we shoot for the first discussion starting on December 3? There’s going to be an awesome crew of guest-bloggers that week, but I’ll be back for the 3rd. Once I get my hands on the book and get a sense of the pace, I’ll let you know where we’ll read to.

2) If you’re going to buy a hard copy of the book, would you consider buying it through this Amazon Associates link?

I realized that I’ve never asked something like this before, and if it feels weird, or you’d prefer to get it at your local bookstore or whatever, I am totally down with that! But I’ve kept this blog ad-free for a year and a half, and things like Amazon Associates make it a little easier for me to keep running this. Thanks for your consideration!