Sexual Revolution

I like Natalie Portman just fine, but it strikes me as somewhat characteristic that she’d mistake writing and starring in movies about ladies who like to have sex as somehow raunchy and edgy. As much as she’s done interesting work in movies like Closer and now The Black Swan, she’s always seemed to have a somewhat bland, commercial streak. Sure, her lines in the Star Wars prequels were dreadful, but her line readings didn’t improve that sorry excuse for an entertainment much. She’s the model for the vexing archetype of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Maybe the movie she’ll be writing is better than No Strings Attached, the similar-sounding movie she’s starring in. But wanting to get laid doesn’t make a lady a revolutionary, or even interesting.  And making movies about women who want or enjoy sex doesn’t make you a daring filmmaker, just someone who recognizes the basics of the human condition.