Super Girls

New York describes the idea of a Pippi Longstocking movie by the director of Winter’s Bone as “one of those inspired marriages between filmmaker and material that first sounds so wrong and then, so right.” One thing that I hadn’t particularly remembered from my initial reading of the books, but that makes this sound like an even more exciting prospect now that I’ve been reminded of it is this: Pippi’s basically a superhero. She potentially the strongest human being in the world, and tends to visit vengeance on particularly unjust adults. How fantastic would it be for pre-teen girls to have a movie about a totally unconflicted, independent, sweetly eccentric female superheroine? Everyone deserves their own version of Iron Man as played by Robert Downey, Jr.

Interestingly, reading up on this, Pippi’s creator, Astrid Lindgren apparently rejected a proposed Hayao Miyazaki film adaptation of her novels. This strikes me as too bad: in earlier live adaptations, the superheroic aspects of Pippi, the amazing feats, the gravity-defying pigtails, all looked a little ridiculous, an obstacle that Miyazaki’s elegant animations would have overcome easily. Even though a movie adaptation now could be much more plausible, I’d still love to have seen what Miyazaki did with with particular brave little girl.