Tiny Dancer

Aaannnddd, we’re getting a…Moulin Rouge-style Elton John biopic? Perhaps this is just me, but if we’re talking about movies about gay people, Elton John is actually a pretty boring subject for a biopic. He came out, at least as bisexual, relatively early, married then divorced, has been with the same person since 1993, and has a kid. He’s had alcohol and drug problems and struggled with bulimia. While all of these are personally interesting struggles, and John has made a lot of music and a lot of money, I’m not sure why he’s necessarily a more emblematic of his times than anybody else, or why his life story is inherently more compelling than any other struggling famous or non-famous person. The upcoming Liberace biopic has vastly more promise.

His music seems much more suited to just making a jukebox musical. Why not something genuinely great and Moulin Rouge-like, or delightfully cheesy and Mama Mia!-like? One could even argue that he’s kind of already gotten his moment with Almost Famous:
There’s more than one way to be immortal. And ultimately, it’s probably better to be immortal for your work, than for your drama.