School For Scandal

I don’t think it will end up being substantively important to the Charlie’s Angels remake that the characters will end up having acquired their badass skills through criminal means—the characters were always going to have semi-dramatic pasts that came back to nip at them occasionally one way or another—in as much as I don’t think anything about the Charlie’s Angels remake is terribly important even though I think it will be fun. But I do find it slightly intriguing that they’re supposed to have acquired said ass-kicking skills illicitly. The first time around, it probably mattered that the women had at least gone through a male-sanctioned means of learning to fight crime, namely, police academies. Now, that societal barrier’s less important to have breached, especially in a world where women are closer than ever to seeing combat regularly in war. But there’s still something threatening about women with power, so the assumption is once they were bad, but now they’re tame.