Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion: much ado about Nene

I need Nene Leakes to have a seat.

Each of the ladies on Real Housewives of Atlanta has her own…um…peculiarities, but Nene seems to want to top everyone, at everything. The new cast members–attorney Phaedra and model Cynthia–have given the show a different dynamic. And, perhaps as she wanted, part of that dynamic has to do with their interactions with Nene. She had beef with nearly everyone at some point during the season, and even her genuine issues with her husband and son weren’t enough to make her a sympathetic character (it’s a reality show, but each of these women, like rappers, have created characters for themselves for the show). It’s like she needed to be on camera all the damn time.

Part one of the RHOA reunion special was no exception. This woman has become the most delusional woman on the show. And that’s saying something.

Andy Cohen, as always, is less host and more matchbook, starting fires between cast members whenever he can. The guy is good, and it’s easy to see just how much he loves the show himself. But Nene doesn’t need encouragement; from the start, she did her best to make herself the center of attention. And when she finally gets her chance to go in on Kim directly instead of taking shots at her randomly, Nene puts in work (with what’s actually a legitimate issue, the way Kim treats her assistant, a black woman named Sweetie):

Part two airs Sunday, and it looks like Nene goes at pregnant Kim again; this time, it gets even more juvenile. She’s making it harder to accept her as a serious person when she insists on picking fights with anyone whose voice reaches the same volume as hers.