Having Killed The Radio Star, Video Dispatches Itself

Alternate title: “Queue Can’t Always Get What You Want”

I waste enormous amounts of time flipping through blogs and Facebook, but I don’t actually watch that much YouTube. That’s because when I’m skimming text, I feel as though I’m controlling my use of my own time, but once I hit play on a video, it unfolds at an unchangeable rate. I can’t skim it, so I genuinely feel as though I’m wasting time. This is not a sound time management strategy, but it’s the nature of my particular beast. I’m sure there’s a psychological term for it. Maybe at Lifehacker?

Which is why I’m so thrilled about the new YouTube “Queue” feature. A video comes up on FB or in my RSS feed. I want to watch it, but I’ll feel like I’m procrastinating if I press play immediately. I happily save it for later. Even better, the feature is utterly non-functional, so I never actually have to watch anything, but feel much better about skipping it.

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