Blame It On the Alcohol

Thanks for your patience, guys. I’ll be ramping back up to a full schedule this week.

For the first time in months, I tuned in to an episode of Glee last night. The episode was reasonably cute—I thought the actors who played the kids did a nice job of embodying teenage drunken silliness, and some of the numbers were good, though I’m a bit concerned with where the turn to original music is going to lead. But I think the episode illustrated Glee‘s largest problem:

The show doesn’t seem to have any idea what it thinks about anything. Does bisexuality exist? Or is it a fraud? Can drinking be reasonable fun in moderation? Or does it always lead to disaster? Can exes be friends? Or will they necessarily be sloppily involved? Is an involved dad a homophobe because he doesn’t want his son sleeping over with a boy he’s clearly interested in? Or is his son creepy for wanting sex tips from his father? Ambiguity’s often a good thing because it forces an audience to do moral work. But being perspectiveless is just irritating.