Leave Well Enough Alone

The io9 editors are very upset about the delayed Bioshock film.  But why do we feel the need to make video games into movies?  Review the previous VG2Ms.  Then tell me that one of those was any good, other than Max Payne, which was beautifully shot but pretty tragically acted.  Also, Uwe Boll.

The connection between a gamer and hir player-character in a deep game is almost always more intimate than any connection between a viewer and an actor on a screen.  We feel so strongly and have such vivid memories about living in the PC’s world that we want to see it writ large on the big screen, but a movie, due to formal limitations, could never live up to those memories and breadth of experience.  Thus, dozens of attempted VG2Ms and an equal number of failures.

Until a Great director comes along who really Gets a certain video game and makes it into a Film, I think we’ll be stuck in the same pattern–fan excitement drives massive disappointment and adequate ticket sales to ensure more video-game movies.