The Oscars

I don’t have much to say about them other than that I love Melissa Leo. I love that her naked hunger for this award didn’t prevent her from getting it. I love that she wore a dress she thinks the real woman her character was based on would have liked. I loved her meltdown. I love her Jane-Austen-goes-profane explanation, upon uttering the first instance of “fuck” in Oscar broadcast history that “There is a great deal of the English language in my vernacular.” I also love that she’s been this remarkable for almost twenty years, and that she now gets everything she’s always deserved and she got there not by a huge break but by acting her way to it. It’s been a gift watching Homicide for the first time; I don’t know that I could have seen how astonishing it was, and she is, without the gift of time and the lens of The Wire: