The Face on the Screen

Katie’s got an interesting list of actors she likes who mostly work in television who are, currently, without roles in existing shows or new pilots. I say interesting mostly because when I think about actors I’d like to see on TV, it’s not primarily in terms of wanting to see more of them in general—it’s about wanting there to be certain kinds of characters and stories on television that for me, those actors embody. I want to see Katee Sackhoff on screen more, because I want more stories about smart, steely, unconventional women. I don’t like her enough to go see, for example, The Haunting in Georgia.

Of course, there are occasional casting decisions that make me change my sense of what a pilot’s going to be, and how it’s going to come across. I probably never would have checked out Glee competitor/ripoff Smash, which is apparently about a group of people who bond while they’re part of a production of a musical about Marilyn Monroe, if not for the news that Angelica Huston was going to be in it. The sudden appearance of someone delightfully regal and strange—and someone who has never been a TV regular before—in an otherwise pedestrian-sounding concept is almost alchemical.