I’ve written before about how much I love Tin Men, so I’m always excited to hear about a new Barry Levinson project. And I’m particularly excited about about the news that he’s working on O.K.C., a movie about the legal defense of the Oklahoma City bombers.

As horrible as this is to say, the timing’s good for the movie. Since Jared Lee Loughner’s attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, lots of attention has been paid to Judy Clarke, the publicity-shy lawyer who often defends people who have committed horrific crimes ranging from the Unabomber to Susan Smith, and who is representing Loughner. It’s hard to imagine who wouldn’t be curious about her—there has to be more to her than a simple aversion to the death penalty that makes her both represent the people she does and be so good at it.

But Clarke’s probably never going to come forward, to open herself up to the questions and criticism that would inevitably come her way if she answers even one. So it makes sense that we’re going to get a movie based on a proxy, a legal clerk. The one thing that concerns me about this project is that there’s supposed to be some kind of legal conspiracy at stake. It would be unfortunate if this project turned out to suggest that the bombers were innocent, or some kind of unrealistic dupes. But I trust Levinson to stay character-driven, and I’ll hope this turns out to be good.