Shameful Secrets

So, um, I might, on occasion, sorta be watching Glee again. It’s not a regular thing, just recreational. I swear.

I should be clear that I don’t think the show is good. It’s shallow, schizophrenic, and preachy. But the music can be pretty good. And Naya Rivera and Heather Morris just broke my heart in this rendition of “Landslide” (do your best to enjoy the slumming Academy Award winner who thinks she can sing):

The two girls are not just a rich study of conflicted teenaged sexuality: they’re Glee‘s most powerfully plausible couple. And in a way, even more than the depiction of Kurt, I think that’s critical. Their relationship started as a joke, to viewers, and to them. And it’s become the linchpin for some of the saddest, truest scenes I’ve watched in the show. Both our expectations and the characters’ were turned on us, and it’s surprisingly affecting.