I enjoy lots of the shows on the USA Network, but I think they often walk an awfully fine line between well-applied snark and being unable to pull off sincerity when the occasion warrants it because of that dedication to the flip. Such is the problem, for me, with casting Burn Notice‘s likable ex-spy Jeffrey Donovan as Robert F. Kennedy in Clint Eastwood’s upcoming J. Edgar biopic of the late FBI director. RFK was a complicated man, and in a role that’s not the lead, I know Donovan won’t be able to pull off all of his facets. But none the less, Kennedy had this in him, to speak like this after Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered:

I don’t know that Donovan has the same depths. I don’t know that most actors, or most people, do. But if there is the occasion for solemnity and pathos, I’ll be concerned about how well Donovan can pull it off.