Safe Landing

I know I’m supposed to be excited about Larry Crowne because it’s Julia Roberts! And Tom Hanks! And it’s uplifiting and redemptive and junk!

But really, I’m mostly excited that Malcolm Barrett, who was so fantastic as half of the Nerd Duo in Better Off Ted, is in the class that Hanks takes with Roberts. It’s been a totally decent couple of months for veterans of that gone-too-soon sitcom, actually. Andrea Anders is just fine on Mr. Sunshine, John Slavin’s hanging out with Better With You. I sort of can’t believe that Portia di Rossi doesn’t have another regular gig yet, but at least we’ll get her in the Arrested Development movie. Now, we just need to get Jay Harrington scheduled into something that will make use of his slight off-kilter wholesomeness, and I’ll feel better about the industry, even if it couldn’t keep the gang together.