Whatever Happened To…

Pop-punk? I ask this in all sincerity, mostly because someone sent me Bowling For Soup’s “High School Never Ends” during an instant message conversation:

I wouldn’t say I felt the pale flame of nostalgia or anything, but it did make me go huh, and remember how much fun the video for “1985,” was, and how good the band was at contributing to at pop culture if not at actually contributing to it:

The same was much more aggressively true of blink-182, of course, about whom I feel much more strongly:

So what happened? Did pop culture just get so shamelessly ridiculous that there wasn’t room for this kind of internal critique? Did it seem unnecessary coming from dudes with unapologetically terrible and intense emotional awareness of how absurdly they were behaving? I don’t kid myself that the music was great, but I kind of miss this kind of thing:

It’s a lot more honest in its fear and foolishness than Judd Apatow movies, anyway.