The New Machine

I’ve been trying to come up with something to say about Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All other than that they make me feel kind of antiquated. But mostly I just think they’re a smart collective. If I hadn’t felt compelled to root around them a bit in the first place, I probably never would have stumbled upon Frank Ocean, who I think is just divine:

This may sound like an odd comparison but “Novacane” sort of reminds me of early Everclear, at least in the juxtaposition of the material and the slightly off optimism:

I like the idea of a lot of things about Odd Future. I like the idea of a woman doing a bunch of a hip-hop collective’s beats, and I like some of Tyler, the Creator’s rhymes, even if he’s not really my ideal technical MC, and I’m not really going to put myself through listening to some of the group’s darker material because I find it emotionally exhausting. But having someone like Frank gives me my own way to like Odd Future, which even if the group doesn’t stick together (as I sort of suspect they might not), getting me on the train if not in the same car with everyone else.