Jury Duty Readings

I’ll be down at the courthouse today doing my civic duty. I debated what I should bring to read—should I go a Nicholas Easter-like non-discript in hopes of getting seated? Be meta and obnoxious and bring something by Grisham, maybe The Street Lawer*? I decided I’d make the day a test of how much of Palomar I could get through. I promise I’ll report back. I’ve got bits and pieces scheduled throughout the day, but if things are a little thin, forgive me.

*Incidentally, The Street Lawyer is a lot of fun. It’s actually based, with a fairly deep attention to detail, on the District’s poverty non-profit community, and it’s an oddly great chronicle of how much DC has changed in the last 13 years. I’ve always loved that the main character’s fall from grace is illustrated by his defenestrated from his Georgetown townhouse to the block I first lived on when I came to Washington. It’s also oriented towards social justice in a much more systemic and profound way than Grisham’s novels usually are. That doesn’t make the prose any better, but it’s got an animating spark.