Lab Coats

So I blog about nutty professors yesterday, and what does the universe send me today? A trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes:

James Franco’s clearly in Arrogant Scientist mode, and it doesn’t look like he’s doing so to particularly good effect, either. Frieda Pinto is lovely, the voice of reason, and clearly someone absolutely no one will pay attention to until it’s far too late, because BIOTECH MONEY. The writing sounds awfully stale.

But gosh, does it look visually great. I really, desperately hope we’re getting to a point where the Academy will realized that Andy Serkis is a critical and groundbreaking actor whose work merits acting nominations, because his embodiment of non-human characters is extraordinary, and it looks to be no less so here. The setpieces of the apes surrounding the circular staircase in the lab is striking, as is the one of the main ape running towards the fairgrounds, sitting over the scientists’ bed. I just hope it’s stunning enough in ideas and images to overcome what looks like a fairly hefty load of boilerplate.