Catholic League’s Bill Donohue To Lady Gaga: ‘Go Pick On Muslims’

Sometimes it seems like pop stars and Catholic League head Bill Donohue must have a promotional deal: they use controversial religious imagery, and he gets on television to complain about it. Today, in response to the totally unsurprising news that Lady Gaga will release the video to her newest single, “Judas” — in which she plays Mary Magdalene — on Easter Sunday, Donohue hit up Fox News to suggest that Gaga try targeting Muslims rather than Catholics:

DONOHUE: You can’t even show a depiction of Muhammad on TV, in the newspapers, and whatnot. And I’m not out there to say let’s have equality by dumping on the Muslims. I’m simply saying why does it take fear as a motivational ethic on the part of some people to respect Muslim rights? Do they want Catholics to pick up a machete in order for them to get their rights?

Watch it:

Suggesting that the openly bisexual singer go after another faith on the grounds that it will inspire a violent reaction, while simultaneously insisting that he’d never do such a thing? That’s the Easter spirit of redemption and renewal! But ever mindful of his duties, Donohue’s ready to offer some pastoral counseling on the grounds that Gaga’s spiritually confused: “You hang out with Bill Donohue, I’ll buy you a beer, honey, and maybe we can straighten you out,” he offered.