You Get What You Need

I am going to go ahead and admit that I teared up watching the trailer for The Help, and that I intend to go home tonight and read the hell out of the book, which has been on my list for months:

I adore Emma Stone, and am beyond thrilled that she’s gotten the kind of substantive, dramatic, warm role she deserves. But this also just looks like a terrific movie about a young female journalist, and more generally, about the fact that you have to be brave not just to be an excellent journalist, but particularly to be a source. Anonymity and off-the-record exist, of course, but the people who make a difference are often the ones who step forward with their names attached. And that’s particularly when it comes to domestic stories that are raw, and awkward, and treated as if they’re not that critical, as if they’re women’s issues rather than real ones.