Bridge Over Troubled Water

It’s so utterly predictable that Lady Gaga’s dropping her video for “Judas” on Easter Sunday this year that I sort of agree with Bill Donahue that it’s cliche as all hell. We’re reaching this level of silly stuntmongering. But let’s consider the song itself:

It’s kind of interestingly abrasive, and it doesn’t make a lot of use of her voice, which is something of a trend, and kind of too bad. But really, the bridge is where she’s trying far too hard: any time someone’s declaring that “in the Biblical sense” or “in the cultural sense,” they’ve gotten a little too publicly self-reflective, and that way lies well-earned humiliation. I thought the bridge in “Born This Way” was similarly lyrically awkward. It’s an odd little weakness, and while it’s not as key as a head-banging chorus, a skill I wonder if she’ll work on developing.