Dreaming the Future, Cont.

Well, Another Earth is more morally contemplative than it is scientifically imaginative (knowing there’s an identical earth out there, with identical people, doesn’t exactly open up new pathways in scientific development the same way first contact with another sentient species does unless they got there in entirely different ways than we did, and then it’s hard to imagine that they’d be the same as we are, really, but that’s a side issue). But it still looks dreamy, and powerful, and I’m glad the main person doing that moral contemplation is a woman, rather than a dude who has to get his girlfriend up a mountain or something (not that Deep Impact is really terrible, it’s just kind of typical):

I do wonder what the broader implications of having a double would be, though. Does knowing that there’s someone out there living your life make it less meaningful? Make you feel less alone? What are the implications of inevitability? What happens to your worlds if you decide to diverge?