The Bones Spinoff

Did any of you watch the backdoor pilot for Fox’s Bones spinoff, The Finder, last week? It was…troubling, I thought, and a worrisome indication of what Hart Hanson thinks is good. Among the problems: casual homophobia (the assumption that someone is insecure, and because she’s insecure, she must be a lesbian, and because she’s a lesbian, it’s a good idea to send an operative over to seduce her buy buying her “something gay, like a slippery nipple), Michael Clarke Duncan as a legal-koan-spouting Magical Black Man, fat girl jokes, the obvious but oddly disgusting pandering of Geoff Stults going into a stranger’s house to investigate him and TAKING OFF ALL HIS CLOTHES.

The thing that works about Bones is there is a legit idea there, a use of science in service of an old, old story. This doesn’t appear to have an idea, just a collection of objectionable tics.