Archie and Friends

I actually think it’s less significant that the Archie Comics might be hinting at commentary on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell with the origin story of its first out gay teenager, Kevin Keller, than the broader shift in the comics towards a more adult audience. Recently, a friend of mine was bemused to learn that I read Archie books addictively as a kid, and still occasionally buy the comics at the supermarket. Like NCIS, which nobody claims to watch even though 20 million-odd people turn in to watch the series every week, nobody seems to know who the Archie Comics audience is, though it’s clearly out there, and enough to keep the comics going for 70 years. But in between this and the Archie Gets Married storyline, I think there’s a conscious effort to shift the comics from stories-for-kids into the realm of Young Adult literature that’s mainly aimed at younger audiences, but that grown-ups can still enjoy. I think that’s a smart move, commercially. And if it works, maybe we’ll get ourselves a live-action Archie movie. I’d vote for one based on one of the crazy alternate universes in the comics, personally, but maybe that would work best as a sequel.