Closing Credits—And a Programming Note

The last installment of the Chasm City book club will be up tomorrow. I’m profoundly sorry for the delay here. In between leaving the old job, starting a new one, and getting distracted by Patti Smith and Greg Marinovich, I lost track of this and I shouldn’t have. As the move to ThinkProgress is happening (about which more details to come soon), I’m going to suggest we do something different for the first book club post-transition, so sit tight and let’s discuss.

And now, on to the day’s culture news:

-Pandora’s making it easier to consume comedy like music.

-The Zombies are great, as are Nick Cave and Neko Case. All three together (in some fashion) is a good thing.

-We need way more than $1 million to develop African indie movies, but this is a start.

-Alan Sepinwall is pretty much right about why 30 Rock is better this year.