Mitt Romney Reads ‘Twilight’

Nothing Mitt Romney said about his pop culture habits on Morning Joe was particularly shocking. Of course he’s going to prove he’s a Cool Mormon by being able to laugh at South Park and saying he’ll catch the Book of Mormon at some point. Of course he listens to a lot of uncontroversial oldies (it would have really blown my mind had he gone in on a defense of the Beach Boys over the Beatles). And unsurprisingly for someone who will be pursuing the lady-vote, dude’s read the Twilight series on recommendation of his granddaughter. But I still reserve the right to be dismayed over his taste in young adult fiction. Seriously? Be a cool grandpa and hook the young lady in your life up with some Tamora Pierce or Jane Yolen or whatnot. And if you want to burnish your Mormon and your geek cred in one blow, at least say you read The Host, the sci-fi novel Stephenie Meyer wrote before turning to Sparkly Vamiredom, instead of Twilight.

Also, now someone has to ask him on the campaign trail how he talked to his granddaughter about the deeply horrifying way Bella gives birth in Breaking Dawn.