David Fincher Wants to Do Bad Things To You

As I’d expect from the director of both Zodiac and Se7en, it looks like Fincher’s adaptation of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’s almost gleefully embracing the darkness, labeling it “The Feel Bad Movie of Christmas” complete with tattoo needles wielded in anger and a cover of Led Zepplin’s “Immigrant Song“:

What remains to be seen if any of Steig Larsson’s politics survive into the movie. I had a very difficult time with the first book and never read the subsequent ones. Certainly, there’s something sort of amusing that a book that explicitly links capitalism and violence against women and that lionizes an aggressively left-wing journalist became a phenomenon in America, given how crazy unpopular either of those ideas would be if they were broken out and put in a position paper on a cable news crawl. But—and I think this is a very hard line to define—I tend to think Larsson stepped over the line between dramatizing the horror of sexual assault and lingering a little too long on it. It’ll be especially interesting to see if the movie preserves the retaliatory rape of a male character as an indication of what Fincher decides he wants to put on-screen.