John Edwards’ Indictment Is Good News for Aaron Sorkin

The somewhat surprising news that John Edwards couldn’t work out a plea deal and has been indicted on charges that he violated campaign finance law by using donations to cover up his affair is sort of vexing for Democrats in that it will be public, messy, and oxygen-depriving heading into an election year. It’s also a pretty awful thing for Edwards’ kids to have to deal with, too, at a time when they’re still grieving their mother. But one person it’s probably going to be pretty great for is Aaron Sorkin, who last year optioned Andrew Young’s Edwards tell-all The Politician and chose it as the project he’ll use to make his directorial debut.

It’s been fascinating to watch Sorkin’s love affair with politics and with politicians curdle, particularly given what a Valentine The American President is to the idea that our highest elected officials get to be people, particularly ones with sex lives:

Obviously, cheating on your dying wife and using donors’ money to cover it up is hugely different than a dashing widower Commander in Chief taking up with a kicky lobbyist, though it’s interesting to see how that storyline might play today. But between The Politician and his Keith Olbermann-tastic project for HBO, Sorkin’s clearly repositioned himself as an angry outsider, a spurned lover of the process.