‘Schoolhouse Rock’ On Paul Revere and Other 2012-Relevant History Tidbits

I tend to think the fact that there’s an actual debate over Sarah Palin’s interpretation of Paul Revere’s ride is exactly the kind of Hollywoodization and trivialization of our politics that’s disastrous and exhausting. That said, I am in favor of anything that gives me an excuse to give props to the awesomeness that is Schoolhouse Rock‘s “America Rocks” series, particularly “Shot Heard Round The World,” which I have always loved for its shout-out to Hessian mercenaries and scrappy Continentals:

The adorable animated Massachusetts colonists of “Elbow Room” are pretty fantastic, too, as are the short jokes about Napoleon:

Obviously, Schoolhouse Rock is not a bastion of nuance or anything, but in terms of catchy ways to get kids to memorize basic facts in history and other disciplines, it’s pretty impressive. I still kind of hear the Preamble to the tune of the series’ song about it.