Robot Armies Need Love Too

I’m working on a piece about a new short film about Battlestar Galactica fandom and the line between humanity and artificial intelligence, so I was curious to see the teaser for Archetype via the good people at io9:

I’ve always found movies that alleged that no matter how transformed we were, whether by assimilation into the Borg or by viruses that turn us into zombies, our humanity will persist to be overly optimistic. Clearly, there’s a tipping point. But if we’re going to engineer robots that can communicate with and effectively serve human desires without necessarily developing their own, there’s going to have to be something recognizably human about them, in a way that causes all sorts of more intimate troubles than a bunch of bots tearing up a city. Humanity’s vanishing into chrome is interesting, but so are characters like Jane, a personification of the internet from Orson Scott Card’s Speaker for the Dead, new species that are other without being actively hostile.